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Hope you guys enjoyed the pizza party. We're a little bummed Twin Shadow lost Best Swagger Coach, but at least we got to see Ke$ha in the trash bag she deserves. As a reward for sitting through the…   Read Story »
Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Charlie Wilson guest on "Good Friday," the laid-back, Freddie Scott (or Biz Markie?) sampling title track from @KanyeWest's forward-thinking digital singles…   Read Story »
Last fall Diesel celebrated its 30th birthday in Brooklyn with a concert by N.E.R.D., Franz Ferdinand, T.I., and a very pregnant M.I.A. So expectations for last night's Diesel:U:Music event and its…   Read Story »
Reader David e-mails, "TMZ claims no one remembers Geggy Tah. I remember GT and so does David Byrne." The '90s alt-rockers say Clipse's Pharrell-produced "All I Wanna Do (Feel Like Me)" copies their…   Read Story »
No coke rap at Coachella. "Unfortunately, Clipse had to cancel and there's nothing Coachella can do about it," a fest rep announced two minutes after the Norfolk duo were scheduled to play the Gobi…   Read Story »
Yeah not "Feat." Lindsay Lohan in a way that'll do much for her artistic cred. You actually get the sense, from the quick shot scene and her visible irritation, that Chad and Pharrell actually caught…   Read Story »
"I know you have a peaceful event here and all..." Pusha-T said a few tracks into the Clipse's day-stealing set -- and a few minutes later, it was a crowd of thousands hollering back "ka-ka-kat-kat"…   Read Story »
Clipse had a great year with Hell Hath No Fury, and since its release the record's enjoyed a second life as a mash-up fave. First it was our good friend and mashmaster team9 and his "Flaming Clipse"…   Read Story »
It's been awhile since we've heard a good Clipse mash-up. Well, not since MySplice, anyway. Then, it was "Flaming Clipse,"; today, P4K's got Girl Talk's remix of Grizzly Bear's "Knife," which works…   Read Story »
A lot of you guys are writing us to complain that Clipse wasn't higher on Pfork's list (we didn't write it!), but coke-rap is so on in '07. Sasha Frere-Jones explores in his recent piece for The New…   Read Story »