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Crooked Fingers hasn't released an album since Breaks In The Armor, which came out in October 2011, so it's decidedly odd to see the band dropping a video from that album now, in December 2012. But…   Read Story »
Kids! Kids are the best. As someone who's about to have his second, I am helpless before a music video that shows kids doing kid things like shuffle-toddling across floors and losing teeth and…   Read Story »
Now that they've reunited, Eric Bachmann is back to fronting the '90s indie overlords Archers Of Loaf. But he's not stopping with his Crooked Fingers project. Last month, Bachmann checked in with us…   Read Story »
Name: Eric Bachmann Progress Report: Archers of Loaf frontman discusses reunions, reissues, creepy English teachers and the new Crooked Fingers record. As you’ve probably heard (or, if you’re…   Read Story »
Dave doesn't kiss just any musical guest's hand (even though "Karen O is like rad, man"). Last night the Late Show host seemed particularly charmed by Neko's tale of whirlwind romance incarnate, a…   Read Story »
Merge Records turns 20 this year and the celebration is well underway. Last week we told you about the five-day summer fest in North Carolina with Superchunk, Spoon, Conor Oberst, M. Ward, Destroyer,…   Read Story »
The Your Control EP, fronted by the Forfeit/Fortune duet between Eric Bachmann and Neko Case, is out digitally today with no physical release planned. In addition to the title track it includes…   Read Story »
Crooked Fingers' Forfeit/Fortune is out tomorrow. When we posted "Phony Revoluations," I mentioned Eric Bachmann's pretty obvious shift from Archers' rambunctious indie rock to Crooked's darker,…   Read Story »
Eric Bachmann's a pretty reliable songwriter. Not everything he does is great, but between his early Archers Of Loaf days to Crooked Fingers -- I never got that into Barry Black -- he's composed…   Read Story »
100% Stereogum-recommended legal MP3s from newish and upcoming albums. Crooked Fingers - "Call To Love" Audible - "Sunday Bell" Damon And Naomi - "Love (Live)" Low - "California" Out Hud - "It's For…   Read Story »