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1970s Detroit protopunk trio DEATH went dark for a good long while -- around three decades -- but returned to prominence following their 2009 reunion and the release of forgotten '70s demos via Drag…   Read Story »
If you thought Arsenio Hall's return to late-night TV was a blast from the past, what about Death? The Detroit trio, whose 1970s proto-punk excellence was rescued from obscurity by the 2013 film A…   Read Story »
The new documentary A Band Called Death tells the story of Death, a recently-reunited black proto-punk band from early '70s Detroit. Recent reissues of the band's work have generated a ton of…   Read Story »
As the legend goes, Detroit's Hackney brothers were wooed by Clive Davis in the '70s based on the strength of their no-holds-barred, somewhat-soul-influenced punk. For the group to be signed,…   Read Story »
These days Bono is really into overblown metaphors that once unpacked mean nothing. During their tenure, Death -- the Detroit trio of David Hackney, Bobby Hackney, Dannis Hackney -- were more about…   Read Story »