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Whether he's evoking the aural equivalent of a Wong Kar-Wai film or the frenzied rage of Suicide, the music created by Alex Zhang Hungtai under the moniker Dirty Beaches always brings a passionate…   Read Story »
Last year Alex Zhang Hungtai, better known by his moniker Dirty Beaches, released the double album Drifters/Love Is The Devil which split its discs in the style of Bowie's Low (and both were recorded…   Read Story »
Determining the year's best albums is, admittedly, a subjective pursuit. But even more than an albums roundup, a list of songs is an intensely personal way to sum up a year in music. It is a process…   Read Story »
Alex Zhang Hungtai, bka Dirty Beaches, recently released Drifters/Love Is The Devil, an ambitious double-album that dazzles with his cinematic lo-fi sound. Its latter half is filled with intensely…   Read Story »
There is no denying that Alex Zhang Hungtai is an intense dude. As the heart and soul behind Dirty Beaches, he makes music that is equal parts beautiful, heartbreaking, and (occasionally) terrifying.…   Read Story »
I'm not entirely sure this week's pick for best video even qualifies as a music video; it certainly stretches the definition. But in its impeccable planning and its flawless execution, it captured…   Read Story »
On the new double album Drifters/Love Is The Devil, Alex Zhang Hungtai's Dirty Beaches project pushes its combination of tense lo-fi noise and sweaty rockabilly beyond its logical conclusion, laying…   Read Story »
Alex Zhang Hungtai’s Dirty Beaches will release Drifters/Love Is The Devil later this month and "Casino Lisboa" is his third offering from the LP. What starts as almost drone's version of doo wop…   Read Story »
Here's the second offering from Alex Zhang Hungtai's upcoming album. "Landscapes In The Mist" is, in its own way, fairly more energetic than the first release "Love Is The Devil." It's a free jazz…   Read Story »
While Alex Zhang Hungtai's breakthrough 2011 Badlands LP was most memorable for its greasy rockabilly (by way of Suicide, the Cramps, and David Lynch), he's been experimenting with sounds and styles…   Read Story »