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Bay Area acts hook up for this intriguing mashup, wherein the Oakland rap duo Main Attrakionz get busy on the backdrop of Dominant Legs' "Make Time For The Boy," utilizing a chopped-up, sped-up vocal…   Read Story »
We've gotten to know a lot about the modern state of SF indie rockers Dominant Legs over the past year; from the "Hoop Of Love" video as well as a recent edition of Under The Influence, we feel like…   Read Story »
Though Dominant Legs has been around for a minute -- the SF indie outfit scored a BTW in 2009 and was listed among Stereogum's Best New Bands of 2010 -- the band's new LP, Invitation serves as a…   Read Story »
The crowd at the 9:30 Club in D.C. last night pretty much went nuts for the opening surf-guitar sputter of Girls' souped-up single "Honey Bunny," a pretty clear sign that they've got another "Lust…   Read Story »
San Francisco indie-pop outfit Dominant Legs secured a BTW in 2009 and landed on our list of the next year's Best New bands, though 2011 has full evolved and ready for a closeup. Once the solo…   Read Story »
San Francisco BTW/Stereogum40 alum Dominant Legs is the project of one of my favorite tweeters, Girls collaborator Ryan William Lynch. The guy's obsessed with Cheers, the San Jose Sharks, gets…   Read Story »
A few weeks back James Blake told SPIN, "Remixing is like musical prostitution." Ha -- relax, James Blake. This is the column in which we beg to differ. Much in the spirit of our inaugural Remixtape…   Read Story »
Two bands we like a lot -- BTW Dominant Legs, and Houses, who were part of STEREO★GUN -- get together on this remix of "About My Girls." The song was part of Dominant Legs man Ryan William Lynch's…   Read Story »
The San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series. They're a pretty ragtag team, featuring a star starting pitcher who looks like a grunge kid circa '92 (or a member of Girls), a dominant closer…   Read Story »
This sweet, flowery, emulsion burning video for "Dawning" features Dominant Legs' Hannah Hunt along with Tamaryn. It was directed with an eye to vintage 120 Minutes by Christin Turner, who also…   Read Story »