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There are a ton of bands out there playing ramshackle twee-pop, but many of them come off as rote '90s revivalists. That's never been the case with the Roanoke, Virginia trio Eternal Summers, who…   Read Story »
With their new full-length record The Drop Beneath hitting shelves next month, Eternal Summers have tapped their single "Gouge" for a music video rich with imagery. Lead vocalist Nicole Yun ponders…   Read Story »
Eternal Summers got some well-deserved attention in 2012 for their album Correct Behavior, and are now set to release its follow up. "Gouge" is the first single off The Drop Beneath, and considering…   Read Story »
Virginia indie-pop C86-throwbacks Eternal Summers released a terrific LP this past July, Correct Behavior, which has been unjustly overlooked on most of the year-end lists I've seen so far. So it's a…   Read Story »
In this space, I usually try to write something about whatever connecting threats might run through the five videos I pick for the week. That's not happening this week. I absolutely cannot think of a…   Read Story »
We wrote about Eternal Summers' terrific "You Kill" a little while ago -- "deliriously upbeat, C-86-ish pop full of chiming guitars with fat, fuzzy distortion" -- and the clip for the track captures…   Read Story »
The sophomore album from Virginia's Eternal Summers, Correct Behavior, is set to be released in two weeks; we've already heard two tracks from the album ("Millions" and "Wonder") and now the trio has…   Read Story »
Virginia indie-poppers Eternal Summers release their new album Correct Behavior next month, and they've already released a video for first single "Millions." Now they've got a clip for another song,…   Read Story »
Virginia indie-pop duo Eternal Summers have a grainy, vintage-looking video for their new single "Millions," and it's all about the sisterly joy that can be had in driving out to the middle of the…   Read Story »
Virginia indie-poppers Eternal Summers, who recently expanded their membership from two to three, return this summer with the sophomore album Correct Behavior. Below, we've got a download of…   Read Story »