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It's been a while since we checked in with L.A. multi-instrumentalist and experimental popster Evan Voytas, but he recently recorded this cover of Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U" and today you can…   Read Story »
Last night our STEREO★GUN collaboration with PopGun Booking went down on both floors of Santos Party House. Sometime from when we organized it, to the actual happening, people got especially…   Read Story »
If live music is a thing you enjoy, you could do worse than to visit our fair city next week -- from like noon until whenever you get tossed out of your evening destination, from Tuesday to Saturday,…   Read Story »
Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere is the first "physical" release from L.A. multi-instrumental jazz fan Evan Voytas. We last heard from him via a MillionYoung remix, but you get a more specific sense…   Read Story »
Every autumn NYC's week-long college music marathon is a great excuse for radio promoters and DSLR-toting bloggers to hobnob with famous publicists. Those who attend on official CMJ bizness even…   Read Story »
Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist Evan Voytas makes MillionYoung's "Mien" lonelier and more fragile/spare in this remix of "hypnagogic" Floridian Mike Diaz's Be So True original, though an insular…   Read Story »
With "I Run With You, Spirit Animal" and "Sad, Like Hearts Can Be," Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist Evan Voytas has shown a certain savvy with insular space disco, and intimate synth-pop, and…   Read Story »
Los Angeles-via-Pennsylvania multi-instrumental singer and home recordist Evan Voytas -- sort of a more clean-cut Ariel Pink -- creates strange synth-pop/space-disco outings that feel danceable but…   Read Story »
As far as full-on noon-to-2AM marathon set hunting goes, Wednesday's spread won't be topped this year. In addition to bringing us memorable sets from two bands we'll be watching much more closely in…   Read Story »