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Frightened Rabbit – “State Hospital” Video

Last week, we got our first listen to the studio version of “State Hospital,” the title track from Frightened Rabbit’s forthcoming EP. Today, the clip for the track has surfaced, giving glimpses into the emotional trauma of a woman who is (presumably) a resident of the hospital in question. It’s a big, uplifting song, but… More »

By: Michael Nelson / August 20, 2012 - 10:32 am

Frightened Rabbit – “State Hospital”

Several live takes of Frightened Rabbit’s “State Hospital” have surfaced in 2012, but we’ve finally got our first listen to the studio version of the song, the title track from the Scottish band’s forthcoming EP. It’s a sweeping, cinematic anthem, more “Living In Colour” than “The Modern Leper.” I’d be happy with either of those… More »

By: Michael Nelson / August 16, 2012 - 2:12 pm

22 New Indie Rock Christmas MP3s For 2011

Don’t you love Christmas music? I’m Jewish so mostly it makes me feel like I’m in a mall. But don’t you love malls? I’ve been trying to get my daughter to listen to The Nutcracker, and that’s been pretty easy because she’s only three and doesn’t have a choice. But if Tchaikovsky’s not your speed… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / December 23, 2011 - 9:53 am

Download Frightened Rabbit’s New EP

Churning Scottish epic-indie types Frightened Rabbit have a new three-song EP, and they’ve thoughtfully posted it for free download. The three-track EP, creatively titled A Frightened Rabbit EP, is exactly the sort of big, beltable comfort-food rock we’ve come to expect from the band, and it’s definitely sounding pretty great at the moment. More »

By: Tom Breihan / October 19, 2011 - 2:28 pm

Death Cab For Cutie, Frightened Rabbit @ Rimac Arena, La Jolla 8/16/11

After their finishing their tour of smaller clubs, Death Cab For Cutie have stepped it up to arenas to promote Codes And Keyes. Hand picked openers Frightened Rabbit didn’t play their cover of “Different Names for the Same Thing” but were received warmly by the crowd. More »

By: Andrew Youssef / August 17, 2011 - 9:46 am

Frightened Rabbit Cover Death Cab For Cutie

Ben Gibbard personally selected Frightened Rabbit to open on their current tour, and the Scottish indie rockers brought with them a rep for Invisible Children, a charity that aims “to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony’s rebel war and restore LRA-affected communities in central Africa to peace and prosperity.” As a thank… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / August 13, 2011 - 1:21 pm

Frightened Rabbit – “Scottish Wind”

RockNess is an annual Scottish Music Festival that takes place on the banks of the Loch Ness. They host both local and foreign bands (last year the Strokes were one of the major headliners). Major local talent Frightened Rabbit’s played before, but this time they also did a filmed acoustic set of a couple of… More »

By: jessica / June 13, 2011 - 10:14 am

Photos From ATP Bowlie 2 Curated By Belle & Sebastian

The Belle & Sebastian-curated ATP Bowlie 2 took place earlier this week (December 10-12) at Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead. (In 1999 B&S curated The Bowlie Weekender, which ultimately became All Tomorrow’s Parties, hence the “2”.) The event featured 40 bands picked by the Scottish pop ensemble and, according to photographer Elena Morelli, a bunch of… More »

By: brandon / December 14, 2010 - 1:10 pm

Fightened Rabbit & Craig Finn Cover “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”

Frightened Rabbit’s fourth single from The Winter Of Mixed Drinks, “The Loneliness And The Scream,” will be out in the U.S. in early December, and it’ll come with an early Christmas gift: a cover of Elton John/Kiki Dee’s 1976 smash “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” by Frightened Rabbit and Craig Finn. We haven’t heard the… More »

By: jessica / November 1, 2010 - 5:29 pm

Frightened Rabbit – “Confetti” (The Lemonheads Cover)

As more bands tackle the pre-picked covers in The Onion A.V. Club’s Undercover series (once a song’s been covered, it can’t be covered again), the new ones get more interesting. They’ve had some surprise pairings (like the Clientele covering “Paper Planes”), but this Lemonheads song seems a perfect fit for Frightened Rabbits (“I have alway… More »

By: jessica / June 29, 2010 - 2:21 pm

Frightened Rabbit Bring “Nothing Like You” To Fallon

Frightened Rabbit got their national television debut last night on Jimmy Fallon. They did a fantastic-sounding version of “Nothing Like You,” mostly because singer Scott Hutchison has such an expressive voice. Part of his nerves may have been real nerves — the entire band looked too sweaty for a one-song set. Frightened Rabbit confirmed their… More »

By: jessica / May 26, 2010 - 11:16 am

SXSW 2010: The Wrap Up

We saw a bunch of bands this past week. Not every set was memorable, but there were more than enough highlights to make the stiff necks and barking feet worth it. Here’s Wednesday, Thursday, Gibbarday, and SXSW’s metal shows, and more. This last post contains our notes, and photos from our intrepid photographers — RyanMore »

By: stereogum / March 23, 2010 - 11:42 am

Frightened Rabbit – “Nothing Like You” Video

We’re already seen one video for “Nothing Like You,” but Frightened Rabbit decided the song was great enough for two videos (we agree). The guys went charmingly homemade/low-budget for this alternate video. The band start off in boxers and wifebeaters, as if they filmed this over a band sleepover party. At the end of it,… More »

By: jessica / February 22, 2010 - 11:04 am

New Frightened Rabbit Video – “Nothing Like You”

So far everything that Frightened Rabbit’s thrown into the pre-release promo pile has only built our anticipation for their forthcoming Winter Of Mixed Drinks. The charging “Nothing Like You” is all about the thrill of the rebound, and it comes with a tempo to match. “She was not the cure for cancer / And all… More »

By: Amrit Singh / February 2, 2010 - 9:11 am

New Frightened Rabbit – “Nothing Like You” & “Learned Your Name”

The Winter Of Mixed Drinks landed on our anticipated list because its predecessor The Midnight Organ Fight was aces, and because “Swim Until You Can’t See Land,” the lead single from its follow-up, captured Frightened Rabbit in an elevated state of play, intimate and massive at once, possibly their finest four-minutes yet. “Nothing Like You”… More »

By: Amrit Singh / January 6, 2010 - 11:04 am

The 25 69 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2010

This year in music was great and we’rea gonna let it finish (sorry), but in terms of notable album releases the ship has sailed. No offense, 30 Seconds To Mars. While the Gummys’ virtual poll booth remains open for a few more days (did we mention filling out the ballot enters you to win the… More »

By: Amrit Singh / November 24, 2009 - 5:41 pm

New Frightened Rabbit – “Living In Colour” & “Nothing Like You” (Live On BBC6)

Frightened Rabbit’s already four-and-half minutes into the best album reviews of their career on the back of the expansively intimate lead single “Swim Until You Can’t See Land,” which landed complete with an appropriately simple yet stunning, flashlit video. The track’s 7″ release was just a placeholder for their forthcoming third LP, which now ha… More »

By: Amrit Singh / November 23, 2009 - 5:37 pm

New Frightened Rabbit Video – “Swim Until You Can’t See Land”

Glaswegian warm-hearted rockers Frightened Rabbit are seven inches closer to a follow-up to their excellent The Midnight Organ Fight LP with a pair of new tracks, out next month and billed as a “perfect … first indicator of the new album.” “Swim Until You Can’t See Land” is a slightly elevated take on the band’… More »

By: Amrit Singh / October 16, 2009 - 4:11 pm

New Frightened Rabbit – “Swim Until You Can’t See Land” & “Fun Stuff”

Stream both sides of the forthcoming (11/16) single at Fat Cat. (Thanks for the tip, Iggy.) The label calls it “a primer” for the next “as yet untitled album, expected in Spring 2010.” They’ve done “Swim” live, but “Fun Stuff”‘s new to our ears. More »

By: brandon / October 2, 2009 - 1:36 pm

Monolith 2009 In Photos

While we were rocking the Catskills, enjoying what Wayne Coyne said was “the greatest collection of underground music ever assembled,” dozens of other great indie bands (and a few hip-hop luminaries) put on a much larger mountain festival in Morrison, Colorado. In its third year Monolith delivered rain from the get-go, but that only served… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / September 15, 2009 - 5:42 pm