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Earlier this year, the flamboyant Swedish metal band Ghost B.C. -- or, if you don't care about the only-in-America legal silliness that led to the name change, just Ghost -- linked up with producer…   Read Story »
The flamboyant Swedish horror-metal goofs Ghost B.C. -- or, if you're outside the litigious U.S., just plain Ghost -- released their Infestissumam album earlier this year, and they made a great…   Read Story »
The theatrical Swedish metal band Ghost B.C. have already shown that they have a way with the incongruous cover song; we posted their version of Abba's "I'm A Marionette" back in January. And…   Read Story »
Metal in 2013 will to some extent be defined by two stories that made their debuts in April, one of which was included on our list of the month's best songs, the other which was not but deserves to…   Read Story »
Look, we could waste lifetimes pedantically trying to fence in "metal" in all its constantly shifting forms and definitions -- and it would be a waste, I promise -- but as a dude who thinks about…   Read Story »
The theatrical, absurdist Swedish metal band Ghost B.C., previously known as just plain Ghost, are the latest band to find international fame by scaring the hell out of parents and authority figures,…   Read Story »