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Belfast combo Girls Names keep shuffling through retro feels, from the jangly surf static of 2011 debut Dead To Me to the gloomy New Wave of this year's The New Life. Such stylistic fluidity makes a…   Read Story »
We last heard from Belfast indie rockers Girls Names -- now a quartet -- late last year when they put out their single "Black Saturday." They're readying a new album, but before that happens they're…   Read Story »
Alright, y'all know what time it is. It's the Halloweekend, and today we've got some of the best tracks from the last month that fit nicely into whatever theme-heavy environment you're trying to…   Read Story »
We posted their "Bury Me" video earlier this year. Below, download the band's new single "Black Saturday." For a group whose titles are all pretty mordant, they sound pretty sprightly! Girls…   Read Story »
Girls Names' deep crooning vocals remind me of Crystal Stilts -- both bands are on Slumberland Records and both like to keep their voices mixed low and ghostly. But I think this song, like Girls…   Read Story »