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Earlier this month, the long-anticipated second installment of Italians Do It Better's After Dark series was released. Naturally, there are a legion of Johnny Jewel-driven tracks from Chromatics,…   Read Story »
Remember last month when we made a hand-wringing post about the death of the MP3 and thereby the end of the downloadable Monthly Mix? Well, fuck it -- ZIP FILE BACK. Thank you for your comments and…   Read Story »
In Glass Candy's new video for the slow, unsettled electro-pulse "The Possessed," singer Ida No skulks around a carnival and performs to a fired-up crowd in a venue so immaculately designed that it…   Read Story »
Ida No and Johnny Jewel a/k/a Portland's Glass Candy premiered a new track at a fashion show in Paris yesterday, "The Possessed (Runway Edit)." It's over seven minutes of drawn-out, mid-tempo synth…   Read Story »
Electro mood-generators Chromatics, who made one of the best albums of this year, have continued their ridiculously productive streak, dropping a brand-new cover of New Order's wistful synthpop…   Read Story »
Ever since I was old enough to complain, my dad took great pleasure in the act of dragging my always-resistant ass to music festivals. A summer full of glorious music for him meant a summer full of…   Read Story »
Italians Do It Better co-honcho Johnny Jewel hit a pop cultural sweet spot last year, making in-roads with the Gossling demo by landing one of his Chromatics tracks on the much-loved Drive OST. His…   Read Story »
Glass Candy's hypnotic disco anthem "Warm In The Winter" gets a video, a cheerful tour doc awash in that Super 8 aesthetic. Alberto Rossini directs. The Warm In The Winter EP is available now…   Read Story »
Italians Do It in honor of John Carpenter. A message from Glass Candy: Glass Candy's sinister homage to the John Carpenter classic. A Candy coated gift for all the Ghouls & Goblins in Candyland.…   Read Story »
Portland's Glass Candy crafts warm, shimmering disco anthems and her latest EP, Warm In The Winter, showcases a pair of them with "Warm In The Winter" and "Beautiful Object." There's a lot to like…   Read Story »