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It's got a release date, a cover, and ... a 4-star Rolling Stone review? Maybe it's better than what's leaked. Try "Better" at Q 104.3.   Read Story »
We've updated our post of GN'R's new single with the just-released hi-res album artwork. Check it out here while you listen to the song again since you love it so much and want to marry it. Only…   Read Story »
Can you feel the excitement of millions of Americans about to enjoy a free can of Dr. Pepper? The dream inches closer to reality today with the addition of Chinese Democracy's title track and first…   Read Story »
Dr. Pepper plans to make good on its promise to give everybody in the United States a free can of the bubbly once Axl's opus hits the shelves. It'll involve an on-line coupon, but according to a…   Read Story »
You'll need to squint, but Axl Rose's favorite store   Read Story »
Please insert turkey jokes where you see fit, we're too astonished to talk shit: As previously hypothesized, Chinese Democracy will indeed be at Best Buy stores nationwide on 11/23. You can fill in…   Read Story »
You never do know with Axl and the much-delayed, much-overworked Chinese Democracy, but according to a story at Rolling Stone, the post-G'NR opus will be out the end of November ... exclusively at…   Read Story »
Saul Hudson's still got feelings for Axl. About the recently arrested CD leak-blogger, Slash tells the LA Times: "I hope he rots in jail. It's going to affect the sales of the record, and it's not…   Read Story »
The guy the internet has to thank (blame?) for early listens of Chinese Democracy -- the very same one who had himself a little visit from the feds not so long ago -- has been arrested, charged, and…   Read Story »
Guns N' Roses's new single surfaced online last week and was quickly scrubbed from YouTube. But now it's back! For now. As we learned earlier this summer, "Shackler's Revenge" (GN'R's first official…   Read Story »