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Earlier this year, we posted "Trouble," a catchy synth-rock jam from the L.A. band Hands. Now they've made a video for another one, "Brave Motion," and it works as a mini-action movie in trippily…   Read Story »
Both the world-beating, Coachella-resplendent Passion Pit and the world-entering, ascendant Hands have a had busy time in Southern California these past few weeks. I can attest, having caught both…   Read Story »
By the end of last year, compiling Monthly Mixes became a sad task. Each month I'd scan in sadness, watching our strongest songs presented as straight-to-Soundcloud affairs, our music business…   Read Story »
Los Angeles-based Hands are a band for people who like guitar riffs that inspire dancefloor moves. "Trouble," a track from their debut album Synesthesia, combines thick bass and noodle-y guitar to…   Read Story »
Stereogum and Chevy Sonic will put on a free show in Los Angeles next week featuring Stereogum40 alums Caveman, who recently starred in the first edition of the Getting Started series. To RSVP for…   Read Story »