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"I Only Have Eyes For You" is a classic American song, a standard written in 1934 by Harry Warren and Al Dubin and most famously recorded by the Flamingos in 1959. And now a whole host of indie…   Read Story »
High Places have already released a bunch of videos for songs from their 2011 album Original Colors: "Altos Lugares," "Sophia," the great "Sonora." And now here's another one, for "The Pull." This…   Read Story »
Almost none of us are at work this week, so almost none of us are getting fired. And with the holidays coming to an end, we don't have to keep the good-cheer veneer up for much longer. So: Time to…   Read Story »
Hey, no new Beyoncé video this week! Actually, this week's list is pretty much entirely comprised of inventively low-budget indie rock videos (or, in a couple of cases, indie-dance videos that might…   Read Story »
L.A. synth-exoticist duo High Places have already dropped a couple of deeply weird and beguiling video for "Altos Lugares" and "Sophia," two tracks from their new album Original Colors. But their new…   Read Story »
Busy Ganges of Telepathe works up a serious twitch -- I guess you could call it a dance? -- in High Places' video for "Sophia." High Places themselves direct. Original Colors is out today…   Read Story »
The L.A.-via-NY hazy new-wave duo High Places have a new album called Original Colors coming out; check out new song "Year Off." In the video for "Altos Lugares," another new one, the group, in…   Read Story »
BTW High Places just offered up "Year Off," which is pretty accurate. It comes from the duo's forthcoming, third full-length due 10/11 via Thrill Jockey. Continuing their sexier, dancier, darker…   Read Story »
Here's a video from Dunes, the LA trio featuring ex-Mika Miko member Kate Hall. The affiliation is relevant for purposes of fingering their track "Tied Together"'s sound -- female-fronted post-punk…   Read Story »
There were more albums released in 2010 than could fit on all the lists released in 2010. (And there were many lists.) With that in mind, and certain '10 records still ringing in our ears, we put our…   Read Story »