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Beck will issue a single through Third Man Records, and today, previews of the single's two sides were made available on Third Man's website. So go there to hear (really brief) snippets of the…   Read Story »
*BREAKING NEWS* on the story that just will not die: Jack White has forfeited his attempt at his proposed claim to "Most Metaphors" in a single concert, a plot that arose from the Guiness Book Of…   Read Story »
A couple days ago, we pointed you to an interview where Jack White complained about his attempt for "shortest concert" was not considered by The Guinness Book Of World Records. Guinness responded,…   Read Story »
In a recent piece for Interview Magazine, Jack White complained about the Guinness Book Of World Records deliberately avoiding the inclusion of the White Stripes, something we chronicled in…   Read Story »
In this month's Interview Magazine, Buzz Aldrin (interesting pairings are kind of their M.O.) and Dimitri Ehrlich interviewed Jack White, and it appears White has a few bones to pick with Guinness…   Read Story »
Jack White recently scored his first-ever number one album, and he's got a ton of festival gigs coming up, but neither of these things are going to keep him away from his true passion: Making goofy…   Read Story »
From Elephant on, every album from every band that counts Jack White as a member has debuted in the top 10 of the U.S. Billboard charts. But until this morning, Jack White had never found himself in…   Read Story »
With his solo album Blunderbuss slated to hit the charts at number one, Jack White dropped by the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles for a scintillating twenty-song set that included songs from the White…   Read Story »
You saw the previews, but if you weren't around Friday night to live stream Jack White's Gary Oldman-directed Webster Hall show for AMEX, you can now watch the whole thing at your convenience. Check…   Read Story »
If the interviews on The Colbert Report have suffered a bit in the last couple of years, it's because the guests, too often, attempt to smirk their way through their interviews, matching Stephen…   Read Story »