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Here Are Some Morning Links!

You can now watch the final installment of The Greatest Event in Television History online, featuring Paul Rudd, Adam Scott, and Gillian Jacobs. R.I.P. -Pajiba Jay Leno needs to grow up already, 4 real. -THR Jonah Hill appeared on Late Night last night ahead of this weekend's episode of Saturday NightMore »

By: Kelly Conaboy / January 24, 2014

Here Are Some Morning Links!

Jon Daly's imaginary friend is Kenny G. -FunnyOrDie Louis C.K. appeared on the Tonight Show last night and announced the release of his full-length film Tomorrow Night, which he made in 1998. He also said goodbye to Jay Leno. Goodbye, Jay Leno! -Splitsider I'm so sorry if you were holding out for… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / January 7, 2014

Here Are Some Morning Links!

George Bush presented Jay Leno with a painting he did of him last night on The Tonight Show, which is certainly something. -NowThis Smearballs and Cyriak (names we all know and understand, moving on) did a supercut of Conan's third season, and it is very Smearballs and Cyriak-y. Cyriak could put big, dancing head… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / November 20, 2013

Watch Cults Play Leno

Last month, the New York indie-not-indie pop duo Cults released Static, their sophomore album. And last night, they were Jay Leno's musical guests on The Tonight Show. Performing the single "High Road" on a stage strewn with staticky TV sets, they pulled off the near-impossible feat of bringing some semblance of atmosphere to that… More »

By: Tom Breihan / November 13, 2013

Watch Empire Of The Sun Play Leno

Empire Of The Sun have made a name for themselves with their absurdly theatrical live shows. They brought that huge performance by The Tonight Show on Friday, and you can stream it now. You'll have to click through to the last section of the video (and sit through a couple ads) which is roughly 36:30. More »

By: Miles Bowe / November 4, 2013

Here Are Some Morning Links!

Amy Poehler and Aubry Plaza make out for the paparazzi. -Uproxx Jay Leno's final Tonight Show will air on February 6, in the week leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics. Ugh. Didn't we just have the Winter Olympics?! -Deadline Ms. Oprah "What does it feel like to be both an adjective… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / August 12, 2013

This Is Just A Goodbye Post

To One Major Dad To Another, Oh boy. Well, here we are. Just to put things into perspective, when we launched Videogum on April 8th, 2008, George W. Bush was still President of the United States. Remember that guy? Fuck that guy! Back then, and I know this is hard to believe, but… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / August 2, 2013

Watch She & Him Play Leno

She & Him write some pretty simple songs, but when they rolled through The Tonight Show last night, they had a whole lot of help in playing one of them. Playing "I've Got Your Number, Son," one of the songs from their new Volume 3, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward had help from five backu… More »

By: Tom Breihan / June 7, 2013

Watch Shout Out Louds Play Leno

Sweden's Shout Out Louds performed on last night's Leno to promote their album Optica. Following interviews with guests Tyler Perry and Isla Fischer, the band performed album cut "Walking In Your Footsteps." Check it out below. More »

By: Claire Lobenfeld / May 24, 2013

Watch The-Dream & Kelly Rowland Play Leno

The-Dream's new album IV Play is now a week away from release, and on its latest single, the slippery but heartfelt "Where Have You Been," he teams up with the former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland. Both singers showed up on The Tonight Show last night to perform the song and to show… More »

By: Tom Breihan / May 21, 2013

Here Are Some Morning Links!

Bet you can't guess who these guys are! -RatsOff! Martha Stewart appeared on The Tonight Show last night and talked about her sex life and also called Jay "Dave." Classic Marth. -Uproxx The CW has released the first clip from the reboot of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, do you want… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / May 15, 2013

Watch Tegan And Sara Play Leno

On last night's Tonight Show, Tegan And Sara showed up to give a spirited rendition of "Closer," the dance-pop hit from their very good new album Heartthrob. On the show, Tegan, Sara, and their backing band all made a clear and noise-free visual statement in favor of marriage equality, wearing pink stage clothes and… More »

By: Tom Breihan / April 12, 2013

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Visits The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

In all of the hubbub this week over the formal announcement that Jimmy Fallon would be replacing Jay Leno as the host of The Tonight Show next February, no one ever really bothered to talk about if or why anyone would even watch The Tonight Show anymore. Like, they will. I'm not saying people won't… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / April 5, 2013

Who Has The Energy For This Tonight Show Thing?

As previously mentioned, Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno "teamed up" last night at the top of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to "sing" a jokey duet about this business with a possible transition of The Tonight Show. A few weeks ago, there were speculative rumors that executives at NBC were considering ending Jay's tenure… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / April 2, 2013

Hey, Want To Write Some NBC Jokes For Jay Leno?

Have you guys been following the Great Jay Leno Monologue NBC Joke Feud of 2013? God, I hope you haven't been. One downfall of having a job for which you have to closely follow the goings-on in pop culture is that you have to know all about stupid garbage like this, garbage that is just… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / March 28, 2013

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

Here's a sign-in sheet from the first day of Office auditions that Rainn Wilson tweeted over the weekend. (Adam Scott as Jim?! I can't imagine!) (JK, I can!) (It would have been good and the same!) (LOL) -Deadline Spring Breakers' Selena Gomez was on Letterman last night and had a pretty sick Justin Bieber… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / March 19, 2013

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

These Hunger Games character portraits are, uh, nice! -Nerdist James Franco's Saturday Night Live documentary, that started out as a documentary for an NYU class, then was sold to Oscilloscope, then Focus Features, might someday come out 4real. Maybe. Oh! -HuffingtonPost Aw man, the West Yorkshire Batman from yesterday has been found and he… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / March 5, 2013

Watch Father John Misty Play Leno

Last night, The Tonight Show had a rather unlikely musical guest: The debonair and dark-hearted self-made singer-songwriter Father John Misty, who should probably never appear anywhere that well-lit. In his FJM alter-ego, J. Tillman cranked out a rollicking version of "I'm Writing A Novel," one of the many highlights from his Fear Fun album. Give… More »

By: Tom Breihan / February 28, 2013

Here Are Some Morning Links!

The 11 Wackiest Moments From Big Ang's CR Fashion Book Photo Shoot With Supermodels & Poodles -Celebuzz Spring Breakers is hosting an official poster contest! -/Film Kevin Hart Gets Ready For His Close-Up in SNL Promos -EntertainmentWeekly Jimmy Fallon's Pros and Cons of Being on The Bachelor -LateNightJimmy 'The Best Moments In Crossroads'… More »

By: Mary Miller / February 28, 2013

It’s The Most Wonderful Jay Leno Rumors Of The Year

There are only a couple of weeks left of 2012. The holiday season is in full swing. Students are home from school. People at work are slowly checking out. Everyone's blood is 40% egg nog. We're coming up on the shortest day of the year. People are looking forward to a few days with friend… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / December 17, 2012
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