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Earlier today we named Kanye West's Yeezus our favorite album of 2013, and now we've got some news about his followup album (i.e., the one he's compared to Born In The U.S.A.). In an interview…   Read Story »
Earlier this year, New York Times pop critic Jon Caramanica wrote a piece about pop's Summer Of Smooth, about how many of this year's big warm-weather crossover hits were soft and breezy and…   Read Story »
Kanye West has been on about a million radio shows in the last few days, but he's only rapped over a Nine Inch Nails song on one of them. I'm already on record as saying I think Yeezus is the best…   Read Story »
Kanye West hasn't been shy about sharing his opinions, well, ever. But especially lately, during his Yeezus show's built-in ten minutes of rant time, we've watched the rapper share so many feels.…   Read Story »
Rumors have been swirling for a minute, but Kanye West has now confirmed it: His partnership with Nike is over, and he'll now be making clothes with Adidas. In recent interviews, he's been venting…   Read Story »
When Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip teamed up on the soulful fast-rap clinic "Thank You" earlier this month, both of them sounded better than they have in years. And so it's awesome that the two are teaming…   Read Story »
Last week, Kanye West released his perfectly absurd video for the great Yeezus closer "Bound 2," in which he an a naked Kim Kardashian made out on an obviously greenscreened motorcycle. You probably…   Read Story »
In his recent conversation on Bret Easton Ellis's podcast, Kanye West took a moment to say some unkind things about Zappos, the massive online shoe retailer: "I got into this giant argument with the…   Read Story »
Kanye West's ambitious Yeezus show hit Brooklyn's Barclays Center last night, hours after we watched him disregard basic motorcycle safety in "Bound 2." West's set naturally focused on his visceral…   Read Story »
Last night, ABC aired Real Or Magic, a new special from the magician David Blaine. Blaine doesn't make entire jetliners disappear or whatever, the way Copperfield or whatever would do, and there's…   Read Story »