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Laura Marling is following up 2013's Once I Was An Eagle -- one of the best albums of that year -- with Short Movies, and she's just shared another track from it. Just like the already released title…   Read Story »
This makes two years in a row now that an actual Album Of The Year contender has been released in the pre-holiday murk, a time traditionally reserved for Christmas compilations and extensive box…   Read Story »
In 2013, the British folk singer Laura Marling released Once I Was An Eagle, one of those albums that sneaks up on you, where you might not realize how good it is until it's been in your life for a…   Read Story »
As previously speculated, Beck is finally releasing an official version of his 2012 sheet music album Song Reader at the end of the month. Beck will only be performing one song ("Heaven's Ladder")…   Read Story »
If you care even a little about the ongoing health of folky singer-songwriter music, Laura Marling is your girl. Her 2013 album Once I Was An Eagle was one of the best recent examples of the genre in…   Read Story »
We named Laura Marling's Once I Was An Eagle one of our Top 25 Albums Of 2013 So Far, and yesterday, the 23-year-old British songstress released a new video for the track "Devil's Resting Place,"…   Read Story »
Laura Marling recently stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman to play "Master Hunter." The performance is as forceful and simple as the studio version, and carries just as much charm and…   Read Story »
The British singer-songwriter Laura Marling is 23, and she's already four albums deep into a surprisingly impactful career. (You can't exactly credit or blame Marling for Mumford & Sons, but Marcus…   Read Story »
Laura Marling's Once I Was An Eagle is out later this month and she's released its third single "Once." While all of our Marling's output gurgles with sweetness, this one particularly smacks with it…   Read Story »
Singer-songwriter Laura Marling has already released some really lovely songs in anticipation of her new album Once I Was An Eagle, but something is very … off (in a good way) in her video for…   Read Story »