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Watch Jack White & Neil Young Cut A Record On The Tonight Show

Last month, Neil Young released A Letter Home, an album of old-timey covers recorded entirely in the straight-to-vinyl Voice-O-Graph booth at Jack White's Third Man compound. And last night, Young and White found an interesting way to subvert the whole musical-guest thing when they appeared on The Tonight Show. They brought the booth to… More »

By: Tom Breihan / May 13, 2014

Sam Smith Can’t Stop Smiling In His SNL Promos

Tomorrow night's episode of Saturday Night Live is already an automatic DVR because Louis C.K. is hosting the thing. But it's an added bonus that the British soul singer Sam Smith will serve as musical guest. One of the endearing things about Smith is that he can't get the hang of the whole encroaching-fame thing,… More »

By: Tom Breihan / March 28, 2014

Here Are Some Morning Links!

Louis C.K. was the only guest on Conan last night, and shared a story about hitting on and failing to win over a young Gwyneth Paltrow. In late night they call it "the Videogum special." -Conan Obviously you shouldn't go around penguins in your wedding dress unless you want to get peed on. More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / September 20, 2013

Here Are Some Morning Links

James Franco announced on Instagram this morning (WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES?) that he will have a new show on Ovation TV premiering in November called James Franco Presents. -JamesFranco Here are Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog playing "Dueling Banjos." What a treat. And on a Wedensday? Get out of town. More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / August 21, 2013

What Is Even The Point Of Professional Comedy?

Seriously, you guys, you can go ahead and throw stand up comedy, improv, sitcoms, satire, parody, humorous gift books, Shouts and Murmurs, webisodes, Twitter, podcasts, comedic memoirs, and the rest of it in the fucking garbage because nothing is funnier than someone falling down. Ever. So why bother? Get a real job! More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / July 26, 2013

Here Are Some Morning Links!

The Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel opened with an “In Memoriam” video, honoring the many Game of Thronesers who have fallen. R.I.P. everybody. -/Film Netflix is going to expand its original content to include documentaries and stand-up specials. -Variety Amy Sherman-Palladino's ABC Family Gilmore Girls band-aid Bunheads has been canceled. Aw. That is a… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / July 23, 2013

Here Are Some Morning Links!

Sherlock producers Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, and Sue Vertue held a panel at Comic-Con yesterday, for which Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman filmed an introduction. You can watch the video and read about the panel over at /Film! What a day. -/Film The Times talked to Louis C.K. about his Emmy nomination and about working… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / July 19, 2013

Here Are Some Morning Links!

New images from Thor: The Dark World alert! Are Thor and Natalie Portman still beautiful? Does Thor still wear his Thor costume? Click to find out! -USAToday Jay Jackson has been Perd Hapley-ing for a looooong time. -PopCultureBrain MTV is refusing to allow Buckwild's producer to shop the series elsewhere. More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / April 22, 2013

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

Some guys turned a Subaru into a Jurassic Park Subaru. "What the hell did you do to my Subaru?!" their mom said, JK. -Geekologie Jack Handey's first novel is going to come out in July! ARE YOU SERIOUS? You know Jack Handey from his years as a Saturday Night Live writer and from… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / April 16, 2013

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

Carey Mulligan is on the cover of Vogue this month and all of her photos are beautiful. Look at the slideshow! You can even read the article, too, if you want! -Vogue Did you guys watch Louis C.K.'s Oh My God this weekend? Here's a clip for those of you, like me, who missed… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / April 15, 2013

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

Did you watch the Glee school shooting episode? Was it gooooooood? -WarmingGlow In case anyone is going to be watching the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, NextMovie has put together an MTV Movie Awards drinking game! Is it "leave your home and go to a bar without TVs and have a drink"? Click to… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / April 12, 2013

Terry Richardson Is Just America’s Photographer Now, Ladies

The long-running accusations of sexual impropriety aside, Terry Richardson photographed BARACK OBAMA on the eve of his re-election as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. See also: Oprah, and Zach Galifianakis (to clarify: he photographed them as well, and photographs everyone, I was not implying that the photographs he took of Oprah and Zach Galifianakis were… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / April 12, 2013

The Videogum “Louis C.K. Promise”

I think we can officially put the Videogum Louis C.K. Promise to rest. He's doing fine. But there is a perfectly decent New York Times interview with him today. We did it! (Oh also he was on Letterman. We still did it!)… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / April 4, 2013

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

What do you think people are going to demand after the Arrested Development movie is released? Arrested Development the book? Arrested Development the theme park? ANOTHER movie??? -E! Mad Men hired an ad illustrator from the '60s and '70s to design advertisements for the new season of Mad Men. Those guys really seem to know… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / March 11, 2013

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

Looking good, Josh Duhamel as Katy Perry for the Kids' Choice Awards! Click through for more "looks." -BuzzFeedCeleb The Internet is losing its sh*t over this Game Of Thrones ad. -TheMarySue The Best Facial Hair at Daytona 500 -GuyCodeBlog Key & Peele ARE "Ballbusters" -TastefullyOffensive Louis C.K.'s face made… More »

By: Mary Miller / February 26, 2013

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

Is Louis C.K. OUR Gogol? -TheNewYorker Old People Read Rob Delaney's Tweets -TastefullyOffensive The Nicolas Cage Awards -CollegeHumor Chuck Norris Tattoos Kick A** -CityRag The Workaholics Guide to Online Dating -GQ Ron Jeremy has been released from the hospital! Phew! -PerezHilton Kim Kardashian steps out… More »

By: Mary Miller / February 20, 2013

Here Are Some Morning Links!

Channing Tatum & Rob Riggle don't seem to mind the job of throwing Mardi Gras beads in New Orleans. -BuzzFeedCeleb Kumail Nanjiani visits Portland's Casa Diablo, the world's first vegan strip club. It's Kumail's first time at a strip club! -Eater Matthew Modine's Full Metal Jacket Diary iPad app -/Film Please enjoy… More »

By: Mary Miller / February 5, 2013

The Videogum “Louis C.K. Promise”: Inside Comedy

It has been hard (and a little beside the point) to keep up with the Videogum Louis C.K. Promise now that he's legit famous and successful. But he's going to be on a Showtime show about comedy in February and here's a preview clip! More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / February 1, 2013

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

A bunch of outtakes from VF's January Comedy Issue, including this adorable shot of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner -VanityFair Oh God Adrien Brody What Are You Doing? -Gawker Best Week Ever is coming back! Let's meet the new cast. -Vulture "Where in the world has 007 been?" Consult… More »

By: Mary Miller / January 8, 2013

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

NYTimes Magazine is calling Channing Tatum one of 2012’s Memorable Men. Look at the prestigious accompanying sketch! Channing, you've arrived. -FilmDrunk 'The Real Problem With Homeland' by Richard Lawson, for all you Homeland-heads out there. Homies? (oof) -TheAtlantic Louis C.K. takes on The Proust Questionnaire -VanityFair Inside… More »

By: Mary Miller / December 11, 2012
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