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Danish punk band Lower come from the same scene as Vår and Iceage, toured with the latter last year, and now they're getting ready to release a new album on Iceage's label, Matador. The new single…   Read Story »
The excellent Danish punk band Lower are part of the same Copenhagen scene that produced Iceage and Vår (as well as Marching Church and Sexdrome, among others). Based only on the few higher-profile…   Read Story »
Last month, we posted "Someone's Got It In For Me," the new single from brooding Danish punks Lower. Today, we get to hear the B-side, a dark and clanging song called "But There Has To Be More,"…   Read Story »
Last week, from 9/10 - 9/16, the Incubate festival moved into the city of Tilburg, in the Netherlands. Along with a range of other cultural offerings, Incubate hosted more than 300 musical acts in a…   Read Story »