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Self-titled albums are one thing. But when a band names one of its songs after itself -- or, alternately, when a band names itself after one of its songs -- it's a pretty big deal. The song itself…   Read Story »
We saw a bunch of bands this past week. Not every set was memorable, but there were more than enough highlights to make the stiff necks and barking feet worth it. Here's Wednesday, Thursday,…   Read Story »
It's frustrating when texting "Haiti" to 90999 is the best most of us can do to counter the overwhelming devastation in that country, but that's a reflection both of our limited day-to-day resources…   Read Story »
A couple years ago, we caught up with Curt Kirkwood to discuss Rise To Your Knees, Meat Puppets' first release since 2000's Golden Lies, and the first with new drummer Ted Marcus. The trio, rounded…   Read Story »
After OKX, our 10-year cover tribute to the Radiohead classic OK Computer, we soon began narrowing the list of prospects for our next celebratory project: sifting, sorting, debating, etc. But when we…   Read Story »
Meat Puppets On "Everybody Hurts" "It's a tribute to Elvis too, on the 30th anniversary of his departure ... Puppets channeling R.E.M. channeling Elvis. Recorded in Rasputin's glass castle on…   Read Story »
Curt Kirkwood rekindles an old harmonic partnership with Rufus Leaking on "Backwater." Rufus's a solid hype dog through the first verse, and at the very least knows the lyrics through the hook and…   Read Story »
Perennial heir-apparent to the corroding jamband throne abdicated by Phish, moe. still have their air of hospitality about 'em and, presumably, their dedicated base of mobile moe.rons (their term,…   Read Story »
With more than 3,024 bands yet to see, Meat Puppets' set at last night's Puppet Show is bound to be one of, maybe the, highlight of the week. "This is our first gig together in 11 years," the…   Read Story »