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On the intro to last week’s 5 Best Videos post, I complained that music videos had not yet shaken themselves to life this year — that, even factoring in the holiday break, we hadn’t seen a single great video. Well, the break is over! Music videos are back, baby! We got a whole mess of… More »

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Stream Moon Duo Shadow Of The Sun

Portland’s Moon Duo play fuzzed up psychedelic space-rock, and one half of the group also plays in eternally badass underground psych champions Wooden Shjips. But Moon Duo’s take on the genre is more varied and melodic than most of their peers, and their new album Shadow Of The Sun works in hooks and mood change… More »

By: Tom Breihan / February 23, 2015 - 9:28 am

Moon Duo – “Slow Down Low”

The great Portland space-rockers Moon Duo are back later this month with a new album called Shadow Of The Sun, and we’ve already heard the charged-up first single “Animal” and seen its great video. The second song they’ve shared from the album is called “Slow Down Low,” and it’s on a completely different vibe. The… More »

By: Tom Breihan / February 3, 2015 - 4:50 pm

Moon Duo – “Animal” Video (Feat. Richie Jackson)

Space-rockers Moon Duo are back in March with a new album called Shadows Of The Sun, and their new video for first single “Animal” is a very strange and ridiculously entertaining piece of work. The clip stars a waxy-mustached and wild-eyed hesher — the pro skateboarder Richie Jackson, who also directs — strutting around, fashioning… More »

By: Tom Breihan / January 14, 2015 - 11:44 am

Moon Duo – “Animal”

Moon Duo may have started out as a side project for Wooden Shjips member Ripley Johnson, but the group, which also features Sanae Yamada, has very much grown into its own thing. Moon Duo just announced the impending release of Shadow Of The Sun, their third album and the follow-up to 2012’s ass-kicking Circles. First… More »

By: Tom Breihan / December 3, 2014 - 9:20 am

Photos: Austin Psych Fest 2014

This past weekend Austin Psych Fest hosted a ton of great bands that generally would fall under the umbrella of being psychedelic. That is a gratefully wide definition which led to a varied and far-reaching lineup. Current psych masters like Panda Bear and of Montreal performed alongside old guards like the Zombies while stranger, more… More »

By: Miles Bowe / May 5, 2014 - 4:33 pm

Moon Duo – “Ich Werde Sehen” Video

Last year, San Francisco space-rockers Moon Duo released a very good album called Circles. One of that album’s songs was called “I Can See,” and now they’ve recorded a version of that song in German, retitling it “Ich Werde Sehen.” They’ve also made a video for that German version, in which an invisible man ride… More »

By: Tom Breihan / January 3, 2013 - 2:34 pm

Moon Duo – “Sleepwalker” Video

The heavy-sprawl San Francisco psych-rockers Moon Duo will release their new album Circles next month, and we’ve already posted the awesomely zoned-out first single “Sleepwalker.” And in the song’s new video, King Khan has a lot of fun playing a new-age workout guru who casts a spell over attractive hipster couples while Moon Duo themselve… More »

By: Tom Breihan / September 5, 2012 - 3:21 pm

Moon Duo – “Sleepwalker”

The zoned-out San Francisco psych-rock two-piece and Wooden Shjips side project Moon Duo will release their sophomore album Circles this fall. They recorded most of the album in a mountain cabin in Colorado, and they named it after a Ralph Waldo Emerson essay. Below, grab “Sleepwalker,” the fuzz-rock stomp that opens the LP. More »

By: Tom Breihan / August 6, 2012 - 11:42 am

The Black Angels, The Horrors, Moon Duo @ Fonda Theatre, Hollywood 4/18/12

The onslaught of sideshows in between Coachella weekends continues as the Black Angels and the Horrors teamed up for a co-headlining show at the Fonda Theatre. The Black Angels kept things psychedelic and drone-y. The Horrors continue to sharpen their live performance as they had the crowd moving along to the haunting selections from their… More »

By: Andrew Youssef / April 19, 2012 - 3:45 pm

Stereogum/Sacred Bones/Chaos In Tejas Unofficial SXSW Party

We’ll be in Austin in a couple weeks. Nobody likes a lazy non-contributor, so we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite labels Sacred Bones and one of Austin’s greatest institutions Chaos In Tejas to present a free all day/night party on Thursday March 17th at Beerland (711 Red River Street). It focuses on the… More »

By: brandon / February 28, 2011 - 1:53 pm

Moon Duo – “Killing Time” Video

Moon Duo is the San Francisco twosome of Sanae Yamada and Wooden Shjips’ Erik Johnson. It’s not surprising they mention Suicide, Silver Apples, and Royal Trux as influences. As the last name in that series hints, they’re also into soulfully noise and jazzed-out experimentation (Coltrane, Rashied Ali show up in their one-sheet). They recently released… More »

By: brandon / March 11, 2010 - 4:27 pm