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When Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation came out, I was four. As I got older and started actually caring about music, the album occupied a weird place in my life. I heard it and really liked it, and the…   Read Story »
No Age have a new record coming out on August 20 via Sub Pop, An Object. Last month, during the band's set at Best Kept Secret Festival, the band played two tracks from the forthcoming record, "I…   Read Story »
Los Angeles dream-punks No Age are dropping a new album called An Object in a couple of months, and we've already posted their early track "C'Mon Stimmung," maybe the most straightforward banger…   Read Story »
The dreamy L.A. punk duo No Age have a new album called An Object coming later in the summer, and this morning, they let us hear "C'mon Stimmung," the first song they've shared from the album. The…   Read Story »
The followup to 2010's Everything In Between, No Age's An Object, "demands to be considered as a whole." Which is to say, in an age of music's ethereal digitization, Dean and Randy are choosing to…   Read Story »
L.A. punks No Age have long walked the uncomfortable line between punk rock and commerce -- playing shoe company parties but making sure they also play DIY all-ages loft shows in the same cities,…   Read Story »
"I Only Have Eyes For You" is a classic American song, a standard written in 1934 by Harry Warren and Al Dubin and most famously recorded by the Flamingos in 1959. And now a whole host of indie…   Read Story »
LA punks No Age posted the above left image on their blog today, posing the question, look familiar? Spin reports that it's not as egregious as it seems -- the shirt does not appear in the Kings'…   Read Story »
If Hüsker Dü or Sugar were before your time, do yourself a favor and dig up their old catalogs. Both venerable bands were fronted by Bob Mould, and an all-star assortment of music luminaries…   Read Story »
FYF Fest, which has had issues with security and crowds in previous years, seems to have moved past those problems and evolved into a healthier, happier festival. Standout sets included Girls, who…   Read Story »