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PJ Harvey is recording her next album in public behind one-way glass at London's Somerset House in an exhibition titled Recording In Progress. The sessions began today, and reports from the first…   Read Story »
PJ Harvey has been busy lately working on a number of projects -- including debut poetry collection The Hollow Of The Hand -- but hasn't released a full-length since 2011's Let England Shake. "If…   Read Story »
The great Polly Jean Harvey released Let England Shake, her last album, nearly four years ago. If she's been working on a new full-length since then, we don't know about it. We do know, however, that…   Read Story »
As Pitchfork reports, a number of musicians have joined the luminaries who signed a public statement that calls for public support of online whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg,…   Read Story »
PJ Harvey has released a cover of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds' 1994 track "Red Right Hand" that she recorded for the BBC TV series Peaky Blinders. It's her second new recording since 2011's Let…   Read Story »
It didn't get a lot of press over here, possibly because most of us only have the vaguest idea what it means, but last month, Queen Elizabeth II presented one Polly Jean Harvey with a royal honor,…   Read Story »
PJ Harvey has released a new single in support of Shaker Aamer, the last remaining British resident in the US prison at Guantanamo Bay. Aamer was arrested in 2001 in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, and has…   Read Story »
I couldn't presume to say that there's a right way or a wrong way to hear PJ Harvey for the first time, but I like the way that I did it. I don't remember exactly what was happening the first time I…   Read Story »
Polly Jean Harvey is now two decades into a pretty remarkable run, one that's kept her singular voice intact while roaming all over an aesthetic landscape that she's invented for herself. She's been…   Read Story »
Infamously cantankerous studio rat/national treasure Steve Albini doesn't like to be called a record producer. He prefers the term "recording engineer." That's a dry, clinical term for what Albini…   Read Story »