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Aussie psych-rock band Pond have already released a bunch of videos off their sophomore album, Man, It Feels Like Space Again -- "Elvis' Flaming Star," "Sitting Up On Our Crane," and "Zond" -- and…   Read Story »
Pond's new album Man It Feels Like Space Again is coming soon, and today the Perth psych-rockers released an immensely goofy video from it. The title "Zond" itself suggests a slightly tweaked version…   Read Story »
Tame Impala offshoot Pond are releasing their sophomore record, Man It Feels Like Space Again, at the beginning of next year, and they've just shared a video for a new track from it called "Sitting…   Read Story »
Former Tame Impala bassist Nick Allbrook left that band last year to concentrate on fronting his own Aussie psych-rock project, POND. The two bands still share multiple members, though, and you can…   Read Story »
Nick Allbrook, the frontman of the Aussie psych-rock band Pond, also served as Tame Impala's bassist before he left earlier this year, and both bands still share a bunch of members. But Pond isn't a…   Read Story »
The bassist Nick Allbrook may have recently left Tame Impala, but he still leads the similarly inclined Australian psych-rock band Pond, and they're still about to release their fifth album Hobo…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, Tame Impala announced that following a performance at Belvoir Amphitheatre on Saturday night (5/18), bassist Nick Allbrook would no longer be a member of the band, citing a need for…   Read Story »
While not barefoot and relatively sedate onstage with Tame Impala, bassist Nick Allbrook plays the part of kinetically charged, livewire frontman for his own band Pond, a project cut from similarly…   Read Story »
The prolific Australian psych-rock band Pond share three members with Tame Impala (including Kevin Parker, that band's frontman, on drums), so it's probably not too much of a surprise that their…   Read Story »
POND, the Tame Impala psych-rock side project, made their video for "Moth Wings" themselves on iPhones -- something that won't exactly shock you when you see the video. In the ridiculous clip, they…   Read Story »