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The Rock Hall shifted gears this year for its induction ceremony, trading the swanky/stuffy hotel cocktail soiree of years past for a return to Cleveland, home to the hall since 1995. It was the…   Read Story »
Why didn't anyone come up with this band name before Russell Simins and Dan The Automator? Hindsight, punsters. Regardless, taking a break from rocking out with the kids in Tiny Masters of Today,…   Read Story »
Saul Williams's letter to Oprah touched a nerve, so thought you'd be curious to hear Russell Simmons's take on the situation: tipping towards Tipper, replete with proposals for "guidelines" and "good…   Read Story »
Jay-Z and Russell Simmons remind you that tolerance is always in fashion. We agree! Just wanna make sure you're laughing at Borat for the right reasons.   Read Story »