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This past weekend Austin Psych Fest hosted a ton of great bands that generally would fall under the umbrella of being psychedelic. That is a gratefully wide definition which led to a varied and…   Read Story »
When we posted Sleepy Sun's "11:32" video last month, we noted that the song was marked for inclusion on the gritty SF psych combo's next album. Today comes news of that album's title, Maui Tears,…   Read Story »
San Fran band Sleepy Sun conjures the darkly foreboding side of garage psych, and Brandon Moore's video for the group's upcoming 7" single "11:32" is as raw and shadowy as the song itself. The clip…   Read Story »
Last week, from 9/10 - 9/16, the Incubate festival moved into the city of Tilburg, in the Netherlands. Along with a range of other cultural offerings, Incubate hosted more than 300 musical acts in a…   Read Story »
At The Drive-In and the Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixler Zavala has been plenty busy with both of his bands this year, but he's also set to release an album with his new project Anywhere, a duo with…   Read Story »
UNKLE's fourth album Where Did The Night Fall is out today. We've given you listen to a couple of songs from the collection, both with different guest vocalists. For the third track, we get another:…   Read Story »
After San Fran sextet Sleepy Sun's debut Embrace landed here, half-baked on a hazy wave of mountain folk and sporadically sludgy '70s stoner thunder (with the videos for "White Dove" and "Red/Black"…   Read Story »
It hasn't been that long since we premiered Sleepy Sun's "Red/Black" and "White Dove" videos. But they're already following up last year's Embrace LP and Sleepy Son EP with a new full-length this…   Read Story »
When the All Tomorrow's Parties festival first launched, the idea of canonizing an iconic album with a track-for-track live performance was still a novel concept. A decade later the album-recreation…   Read Story »
We got to talking about '70s bong hits when posting the video for psychedelic San Francisco sextet Sleepy Sun's "White Dove," a sludgy stoner-pop track from their debut Embrace. Visually, the Brandon…   Read Story »