SpaceGhostPurrp doesn't really scream Sunday brunch hour entertainment, but he and his crew Raider Klan were one of the acts to kick off Day 3 of Coachella. Yet, he, Key Nyata, and the whole lot of…   Read Story »
SpaceGhostPurrp is about to embark on his BMW tour -- named for his Black Man's Wealth tape along with his Florida hometeam Raider Klan and has released new track "Starz" to lead it off. If his…   Read Story »
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Floridian spacecore rapper/producer SpaceGhostPurrp has spent the past couple of years cranking out murky, spectral mixtapes that seem built entirely from the tape-hissy pre-fame output of Three 6…   Read Story »
This happens to be a great week for the low-budget video, full of immediate grainy cinematography and big cheap ideas and strong visual sensibilities. For whatever reason, it's been especially great…   Read Story »
Floridian trunk-thump horrorcore rapper/producer and ASAP Mob affiliate SpaceGhostPurrp will soon release Chronicles Of SpaceGhostPurrp, his official debut album, and we've already posted his eerie…   Read Story »
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This was an incredible month for free hip hop MP3s, and it was an incredible month for songs by Lemonade because "Neptune" is one of this year's finest. And so the paramaters I gave myself with this…   Read Story »