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After an ambitious and awkward 90-minute production, the inaugural YouTube Music Awards have disappeared into a cloud of blue chalk dust. The ceremony, streamed live from a warehouse in New York,…   Read Story »
If you played our VMAs 2013 Drinking Game, you are very drunk right now. Tonight MTV invaded Brooklyn's Barclays Center for the 30th annual MTV Video Music Awards, the borough's first-ever televised…   Read Story »
As Stephen Colbert promised earlier this month, Daft Punk made a rare public appearance at tonight's MTV Video Music Awards. The robots posed for photos on the red carpet outside Brooklyn's Barclays…   Read Story »
On Taylor Swift's current neverending RED arena tour, she regularly brings out artists who she's a fan of, so she can dork out in front of the hordes of teenagers who are dorking out in front of her;…   Read Story »
Jimmy Eat World, a band that holds a pretty dear place in my heart, has recently been covering Taylor Swift's "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" during their live shows and performed a studio…   Read Story »
You know you have a good friend when he flips your favorite music into something brand new for your birthday. Elite Gymnastics has crafted a lo-fi cover of Taylor Swift's "Ours" to celebrate his…   Read Story »
People don't tend to save their best music videos, so this is a thinner list than most. But if the world does end today, at least you won't die before watching Taylor Swift's version of a Lana Del…   Read Story »
Yesterday, some interesting stuff happened on the Billboard charts. Though it was absolutely unsurprising that Taylor Swift's Red topped the chart, what was surprising was the exact volume she moved…   Read Story »
This week's Soundscan is in via Billboard, a report that reveals a number of pretty interesting things. First off all, the week's top charter was obviously Taylor Swift's Red, an album which moved…   Read Story »
A day after broadcasting their sold out NYC T5 show on YouTube, Sleigh Bells brought their Marshall stacks and tourist guitarist Jason Boyer to the considerably more intimate SNL studios across town.…   Read Story »