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London band the History Of Apple Pie are getting ready to release their new album, Feel Something, and today they share a new single titled "Jamais Vu." It follows "Tame" and "Don't You Wanna Be…   Read Story »
The History Of Apple Pie released a new single called "Don't You Wanna Be Mine?" last fall, but at that point information about the London indie-pop band's sophomore LP was scarce. Almost a year…   Read Story »
At the beginning of this year we got to hear the debut album from London band the History Of Apple Pie, and it looks like they're already finishing up their next one. In the meantime they have "Don't…   Read Story »
Tomorrow, London fuzz-pop revivalists the History Of Apple Pie release their debut album Out Of View, a beautifully realized pileup of dizzy melodies and effects-pedal textures. And this morning, we…   Read Story »
The young London five-piece the History Of Apple Pie, like Yuck before them, have perfected a disconcertingly accurate facsimile of crashing, fuzzed-out, triumphant American indie rock from the '90s.…   Read Story »
The young British fuzz-rock band the History Of Apple Pie first caught our ear with their "Do It Wrong" single this summer, and early next year they'll release their debut Out Of View. First single…   Read Story »
The young British band the History Of Apple Pie play '90s-style fuzzed-out indie as a rocketing sugar rush, and their "Mallory" video was a hoot. Now they're back with a video for their new single…   Read Story »
Not the most inspiring set of videos this week. Work harder, everyone! There were a few good ones, though, and we've got them listed below. 1. Die Antwoord - "Fok Julle Naaiers" (Dir. Ninja & Ross…   Read Story »
UK youngsters the History Of Apple Pie have some messy fun to the tune of the upbeat, shoegazey "Mallory." Whoever the curator of the food items used for the food fight is, A+, some truly great/gross…   Read Story »
Since I'm only really pointing to one other band here, and thus can't really call it a full-blown trend, UK youngsters The History Of Apple pie are like isle peers Yuck in the sense that their sound…   Read Story »