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French psych-pop duo and BTW alumni Total Warr have served up a cover of "Is This It," the title track from the Strokes' classic 2001 debut album. It's a very pretty synth-based rendering of the…   Read Story »
Band To Watch alums Total Warr unveil a very silly video for their new track "Bambastard" featuring Johnny from the Death Set. The clip features the Parisian duo as one man, Guigui carrying around…   Read Story »
Parisian pop duo (and former BTW) Total Warr will put out an EP this summer and today we've got the first bite of that today, the silky, rhythmic ode to self-loathing ""xxx HATE xxx." "Hate my band /…   Read Story »
Total Warr is a newly formed Parisian duo who make rhythmic, rich pop songs. Its members -- who go by the charming French nicknames Kiki and Guigui, were longtime friends in different hardcore bands…   Read Story »