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There are very few constants in life. Friends move. Loved ones die. Americans lack the job security they once considered a reliable fact of quotidian life. But through it all there is Weird Al.   Read Story »
With the Western world's financial system crumbling, it's notable that our nation's #1 single is T.I.'s ode to getting his girl high priced tequila and bottle service all night long (among other…   Read Story »
Always good to hear from these dudes around election time. A couple interesting things to note about the Presidents' catchy-ass new tune from the forthcoming These Are The Good Times People: The…   Read Story »
For someone who says so much through sad songs, Aimee Mann's live shows are surprisingly comedic affairs. Patton Oswalt has pinch-bantered for Aimee in concert for over ten years now. The…   Read Story »
Fresh premises don't come easy for a show 19 years into its existence, but hats off to last night's The Simpsons, mining nostalgia for the decade after the show was created. It was That '90s Show:…   Read Story »
Who's been working on their Michael McDonald'd New Pornos covers? Just in case's those trademark vocals are a bit outside your range, the Pornographers have one again thrown the gauntlet, but this…   Read Story »
R. Kelly's serial saga "Trapped In The Closet" is the ripest terrain a video parodist could hope for; hell even Santa got in on the action with the blasphemous "Trapped In The CLAUSet". So it's…   Read Story »
The fact that 23 years after breaking on the scene, Al Yankovic had the best year of his career in '06 is obviously strange. Weird, even. But most bizarre, Al was nominated not just for Best Comedy…   Read Story »
And Jess is just so candid! Yankovic's masterful questioning gets the right words to come out of Jess's mouth -- even if her lack of grammar skills mean she don't talk so good. If you dug Al's…   Read Story »
Are you a LOST fan? Do you love "Weird Al"? Well, today's your lucky day, freckles.   Read Story »