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It's been four years since we last heard from Austin's What Made Milwaukee Famous, but the band is set to release a new LP -- tentatively titled You Can't Fall Off The Floor -- early next year. The…   Read Story »
Chuck Klosterman claims that Glasses Houses is the best Billy Joel album, and that Billy Joel has never been cool. He's wrong on the first count (it's the second best), but we can't dispute the…   Read Story »
Even though we've been fans of WMMF's for awhile now, and even though new brash and melodic rocker "Sultan" is pretty great, they never struck us the cocky type. Or the fencing type, really. So okay…   Read Story »
There are a lot of things Milwaukee's known for, so we've always thought it nice of Austin's 'Gum showcase alums What Made Milwaukee Famous to keep it so open with their Wisconsin-y moniker. We're…   Read Story »
This is how you get the most bang for your recorded buck. SXStereogum alum What Made Milwaukee Famous put out Trying To Never Catch Up in '04, had a Barsuk re-release in '06, and now present us with…   Read Story »