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Last night our STEREO★GUN collaboration with PopGun Booking went down on both floors of Santos Party House. Sometime from when we organized it, to the actual happening, people got especially…   Read Story »
If live music is a thing you enjoy, you could do worse than to visit our fair city next week -- from like noon until whenever you get tossed out of your evening destination, from Tuesday to Saturday,…   Read Story »
Every autumn NYC's week-long college music marathon is a great excuse for radio promoters and DSLR-toting bloggers to hobnob with famous publicists. Those who attend on official CMJ bizness even…   Read Story »
With fall on the horizon, we're escaping a slow summer and shifting into that final, fertile phase of the music year's release cycle. Which makes it a ripe time to get some perspective on the year,…   Read Story »
Over the last year, young Jack Tatum's taken Wild Nothing from the realm of lo-fi Marr-guitared dream-pop bedroom caresses to that of the full band -- touring with Neon Indian, playing our…   Read Story »
From when I first posted on Wild Nothing last October through to the excellent full-length debut Gemini, Jack Tatum's shown an uncanny ability to craft elegant and catchy, downcast but brightly lit…   Read Story »
Earlier this year we premiered the hazed and ebullient "Chinatown," by 21-year-old bedroom-pop standout Jack Tatum aka Wild Nothing. Its official video cribs footage from a 1969 short film called…   Read Story »
After talking about the Cocteau Twins/Smiths/Shop Assistants-inspired haze of Jack Tatum's Wild Nothing on the dreamy "Confirmation" (and appropriately airy take on Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting"), I…   Read Story »
Wild Nothing is 21-year-old Blacksburg, Virginia songwriter Jack Tatum (aka Jack And The Whale aka a member of Facepaint). Yeah, another one man band. But no, not just another one man band. Instead…   Read Story »