Opeth, Mastodon, Ghost @ Gibson Amphitheater, Hollywood 4/26/12

An unholy trinity of Opeth, Mastodon and Ghost descended upon the Gibson Amphitheater for an evening of progressive and theatrical metal. Opeth are touring behind their latest album Heritage while Mastodon (who recently covered Feist) are promoting The Hunter. Those who arrived early basked in the pure evil of Ghost who rocked and shocked the crowd. Check out the pictures above and the setlists below.

Opeth setlist:
01 “The Devil’s Orchard”
02 “I Feel The Dark”
03 “Slither”
04 “Windowpane”
05 “Burden”
06 “The Lines In My Hand”
07 “Folklore”
08 “Demon Of The Fall”
09 “The Grand Conjuration”

Mastodon setlist:
01 “Black Tongue”
02 “Hand Of Stone”
03 “Crystal Skull”
04 “Dry Bone Valley”
05 “Thickening”
06 “Octopus Has No Friends”
07 “Blasteroid”
08 “Stargasm”
09 “The Hunter”
10 “Crack The Skye”
11 “All The Heavy Lifting”
12 “Spectrelight”
13 “Curl Of The Burl”
14 “Bedazzled Fingernails”
15 “Aqua Dementia”
16 “Blood And Thunder”
17 “The Sparrow”

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