The 2012 Smiths/Morrissey Convention @ Avalon, Hollywood 4/29/12

Yesterday fans of the Smiths and Morrissey united at the Avalon in Hollywood to celebrate all things Moz. Plenty of pompadours and horn-rimmed glasses filled the venue as people danced their hearts out to songs from the Smiths and Morrissey for most of the evening. Two cover bands, Maladjusted and These Charming Men also played an assortment of songs that drove the diehard fans nuts by faithfully covering such rarely played songs like “Tony The Pony,” “Pretty Girls Make Graves,” and “Work Is A Four-Letter Word.” A game of Name That Morrissey/Smiths Tune provided some comic relief as the fans struggled to identify snippets of such songs as “Sunny,” “Lucky Lisp,” and “Shakespeare’s Sister” in a quest to win tickets to Morrissey’s upcoming show on 5/22 in San Diego on his birthday. Check out the harsh truth of the camera eye above.