New White Hills – “Dead”

Longstanding space rockers White Hills, aka guitarist Dave W. and bassist Ego Sensation (not Kanye), teamed up with Oneida drummer Kid Millions to record their new self-titled album at the Ocropolis in Williamsburg. Lots of fuzz, lots of drown, tons of bong smoke. It was captured in three days this past summer — there’s a looseness to it; the guitar sound is great. The label mentions Hawkwind and Mudhoney. Both make sense: White Hills ooze thick, expansive, psychedelic sludge. You could also think about Comets On Fire colliding with Dead Meadow while you wade through the 7-song/hour-long collection. Start with the opener “Dead.” Later, look out for the gut-kicking “Three Quarters” and appropriately named “Glacial,” a drone fest that shines a black light on another side of the group.

White Hills – “Dead” (MP3)

Don your face paint.

White Hills is out 2/23 via Thrill Jockey. The LP and CD versions have different artwork and are sequenced differently, to make best use of their particular formats.

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