DJs Animal Collective & Fischerspooner @ The American Museum Of Natural History, NYC 1/8/10

For those heading uptown Friday night to NYC’s American Museum Of Natural History Friday, site of the FADER-presented Animal Collective DJ set/One Step Beyond party, the onstage visual was 33% true to Animal Collective onstage visuals of the past year — Geologist crouched over a table of equipment, less one Noah Lennox and one Avey Tare. It was truth in advertising, still; as they’ve made clear over the years, most recently is this Deakin-less MPP phase, Animal Collective is technically any combination of its principals … apparently even if it is just one lonely principal. The offstage visuals were slightly less ordinary, though, a party full of trendy cocktail quaffers hobnobbing in the Hayden Planetarium to booming beats courtesy of Geologist and a special-guest DJ set from Fischerspooner. Even Michael Stipe, most recently seen blowing up Twitter by hitting Salem’s set at the tiny Williamsburg space Glasslands two days after celebrating his 50th, turned up to continue his birthday week scenesterism. He was more likely there to support his good friend Casey than to bear witness to the polyglot groove bits Geologist served, but still, the man spends his nights out in style.

As you’ll note in these photos by Dominick Mastrangelo, the event also featured the unveiling of Fischerspooner’s high-concept (obvs) video for “The Best Revenge,” which you can check out below.

This is quite a list of credits:

Directed and Edited by: Jason Cacioppo & Adam Dugas
DP: Jason Cacioppo
Producer: Adam Dugas
AC: Patrick Riordan
Cast: Casey Spooner, Michael Cheever, Julie Fotheringham, Stephanie Dixon, Ryan Lawrence, Katie McGreevy, Gia Mele, Katie Rayle, Jennifer Sydor, Vanessa Walters
Crew: Chris Filipowski, Luke Guilford, Jeremy James, Andrew Schneider, Max Tannone, Brendan Twitchell.
Choreography: Vanessa Walters
Costume design: Elise Fife
Stylist: K8 Hardy
Helmets: Ruby. Special thanks, Jacques Shu PR
Additional wardrobe provided by Asics and Adidas.
Makeup: Alexandra Kwiatkowski; Cosmetics provided by MAC
Hair: Wesley O’Meara
Wigs: Jeff Francis
Lighting: Ben Kopald
Production Designer: Marc Janowitz
Additional Art Direction: Spilios Gianakopoulos
Gold Microphone- Desi Santiago
Production Company: Subvoyant
RED Services: Offhollywood
Music by Fischerspooner, Jeff Saltzman and Ben Bromley
From the 2009 album “Entertainment” by Fischerspooner
Fischerspooner management: Workers Institute

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