Kitty Pryde Assesses “This Whole Danny Brown Oral Sex Thing”

Danny Brown and Kitty (née Pryde) have been on the road together for the Old And Reckless Tour for about a week. It was reported that at their Minneapolis date last Friday a female attendee hopped on stage, pulled down Brown’s pants, and briefly attempted to perform oral sex on the rapper. It’s been commented on with both shock and awe. Kendrick Lamar tweeted excitedly at Brown, while Minneapolis’ alt-weekly CityPages wrote negatively about the incident. When you consider Brown’s devil-may-care persona and how often and virulently he raps about performing oral sex, a subject that rarely gets broached in hip-hop without a “no way, not me, I would never” clause attached to it, you would think he’d be pretty into it. But yesterday, Kitty published a breathtaking piece about what everyone on the tour is referring to now as “The Thing” on her Noisey column. It’s not only an interesting reflection on their life on the road, but it’s an important statement on the complicated politics of sexual assault, which is what Kitty considers “The Thing” to be. It’s an impressive read from a survivor and a crucial perspective on the meaning of “the whole Danny Brown oral sex thing.” Stay tuned for our Q&A with Kitty, in which she and I discuss this, among other things, further.