Watch Moby & Wayne Coyne Play “The Perfect Life” Acoustic On A Roof

So remember that weird casting call that Moby and Wayne Coyne put out for the music video they were making? Well I should say “weird” by Moby standards — gimp suits and ghost costumes are probably the tamest thing Wayne Coyne has given us this year in the music video department (for example: NSFW). Well we still haven’t seen that music video, but after the shoot wrapped the whole crew got together for an acoustic sing-along of the track “Perfect Life.” The crowd is basically a miniature Where’s Waldo (or some Boschian hipster-hellscape, your call) of strange shit. I found the gimp-suit gymnast, the rollerblading ghost (in the LA hat), and Chun-Li from Street Fighter II. Watch it below and let us know in the comments if you found anything else.

Innocents is out 10/1 via Mute

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