Four Tet – “Parallel Jalebi”

This is going to be a busy fall for the adventurous dance producer Four Tet, who produced all of Syrian singer Omar Souleyman’s forthcoming album Wenu Wenu and who has his own album, called Beautiful Rewind, getting ready to drop. First single “Kool FM” was stark and minimal, but now he’s posted another track “Parallel Jalebi,” that’s prettier and more sensual. The track is built around a hypnotically layered female vocal sample, and even though it’s not exactly stuffed to bursting, there’s a lot of quiet dymanic change happening in there. Also, I can’t imagine anyone will ever use cricket sound-effects in music quite this masterfully. Listen to the track below.

Beautiful Rewind still has no release date, but it’s coming soon from Four Tet’s own Text label.

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