Psychic Friend – “We Do Not Belong” Video (Feat. Sarah Silverman)

The Dean Fleischer-Camp-directed music video for “We Do Not Belong” by Will Shwartz’s new group Psychic Friend stars Sarah Silverman, which might be why most people should watch it twice. There’s an expectation with Silverman being credited in a video that it’ll be funny or offensive or offensively funny. So it might take a little time the first play-through for it to sink in that there aren’t really any jokes coming. What follows instead is a touching story about a person (Silverman) raised apart from the world by abusive parents (we infer — the details are just ambiguous enough) and a therapist (Shwartz) who tries to break her catatonia. Check it out below.

Psychic Friend’s debut album My Rocks Are Dreams is out now via Dangerbird Records.