Watch And Listen To Scott Walker + Sunn O)))’s Soused Trailer

We recently received some actual details about Scott Walker and Sunn O)))’s upcoming album Soused, but there hasn’t been any actual music from the release. That changes today with a new trailer that teases about two minutes of music, and a look at the album art above. At first it sounds exactly how you’d expect. There’s Sunn-style guitar drone rumbling to introduce Walker’s baritone murmuring in what sounds like Latin, but may just be some warped appropriation of it. There’s strange imagery that reminds me of the black muck in Under The Skin before settling on the blurry image of an open hand. Then gradually you realize the hand is making a fist, and after that moment all hell breaks loose. Drums explode into the picture, guitars start riffing, and Walker shouting and screaming with an immediacy that you got in the fiercest moments of his 2012 album Bish Bosch. It doesn’t exactly sound like Sunn O))) or what we’ve heard yet from Walker, but it does sound incredible. The bad news is the album’s release date has been pushed back from 9/23 to 10/21. Watch and listen below.

Soused is out 10/21 via 4AD.