Watch Morrissey Play Italy’s Gazebo In His First TV Appearance Of The Year

In a recent True-To-You missive, Morrissey said that he hadn’t received a single talk-show invitation, to talk or perform, all year, from any media outlet worldwide. Unless we’re counting his Nobel Peace Prize Concert performance, which aired on AXS TV, Moz’s last televised performance was on Letterman in January of 2013. (He was also booked to perform on Kimmel, but he famously canceled because the Duck Dynasty guys were also on that episode.) That TV-performance drought ended over the weekend, though. Morrissey, currently on tour in Europe, showed up on the Italian TV show Gazebo, wearing a truly amazing open-jacket/no-shirt/gold-chain ensemble and singing “The Bullfighter Dies,” from his recent album World Peace Is None Of Your Business. Watch the very brightly lit performance below.

World Peace Is None Of Your Business is out now, though you won’t be able to find a digital copy.

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