Watch El-P Audition Cats For Meow The Jewels

Meow The Jewels started as a goof, and now it’s gonna be an album. It’s still a goof, obviously — you can’t watch this trailer and expect otherwise. Same goes for the new video of El-P “auditioning” cats at Brooklyn’s BARC Animal Shelter: “No? Nothing? Do you like rap?” El asks one cat who seems unimpressed with the beats he’s hearing. Ultimately, El decides, “I don’t feel like the project’s completely come together yet.” However, even though these particular animals might not be right for this particular project, El suggests that anyone with “the wherewithal and the love” come to BARC and adopt. That’s not a goof. Watch.

BARC Shelter is at 253 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11249. Check them out here.