Phil Collins Won’t Be On Adele’s New Album As She’s A “Slippery Little Fish”

Back in January, Phil Collins said that he had been asked to work with Adele on her upcoming third full-length. The singer is expected to release her new album sometime next year, but it doesn’t look like Collins will be on it. In a new interview with Q magazine (via Digital Spy), the former Genesis leader said that after he received some music from her to work on and sent it back, he never heard back from her. “She said, ‘No, no, I’m moving house and the baby’s taking up a lot of my time, I’m not actually doing anything at the moment.’ And now I’ve heard there’s a [new album] coming out. I’m not on it. I know that.” He added: “She’s a slippery little fish is Adele.” In May, Adele teased on Twitter that the album would be coming out in 2014, but XL shot that down a few weeks ago in the label’s financial report.

[Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty.]