Adele Teases 25 On Twitter?

Adele’s last album, 21, sold roughly 26 gajillion copies, enough to make the Frozen soundtrack look like your little cousin’s basement hardcore demo, and it was a pretty good album to boot. So any indication that she’s working on new music is the sort of thing that makes recording-industry execs fall to the ground and thank whatever deities they prefer. Adele turns 26 today, and she celebrated by posting a photo of herself throwing an awkward thumbs-up sign on Twitter, as Billboard points out. She gave it this caption: “Bye bye 25… See you again later in the year x.” Given that Adele’s two previous albums, 19 and 21, were named after Adele’s ages when she was recording them, this seems like a pretty clear message.

UPDATE 7/16: A tweet from the World Music Awards seems to confirm that Adele’s album will be called 25, will be released sometime this year, and will be followed by a tour in 2015. The Daily Star also recently reported that Adele is planning to release the album by surprise, a la BEYONCÉ. … But Beggars tells Billboard none of this is confirmed.

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