Seth Rogen Gives Howard Stern More Details On That Private Concert In Kanye West’s Limo

Last week, in a Rolling Stone interview, the actor Seth Rogen mentioned that he’d heard Kanye West’s new album. Or, more specifically, Kanye West had rapped his entire new album, with instrumental tracks, for Rogen, in a limo van. Talking to Howard Stern, Rogen has given a whole lot more details about what happened in that van. He says that he ran into Kanye in a New York hotel lobby a few months after Rogen and James Franco made their “Bound 3” video — which would put this in the first few months of 2014, which means Kanye’s had some version of his new album done for a while now. After Rogen made an offhand comment about Kanye canceling Vancouver shows, Kanye asked if Rogen and his wife would like to hear some of his new shit right now, to which the only possible answer is yes. And so Kanye rapped them the whole in-progress album, which still hasn’t come out. Also, Rogen was high for this, and Kanye was asking him for feedback. You are now free to feel jealous of Seth Rogen. Listen to what he says about it via SiriusXM below.

Rogen did not mention how the new album sounds, because of course he didn’t.