The Haxan Cloak Is Working On The New Björk Album

A few months ago, we got the news that the squiggling mutant trap producer Arca was collaborating with Björk on a new album, her long-awaited follow-up to 2011’s Biophilia. According to initial reports, Arca and Björk were producing the whole thing together. But now we know that there’s at least one other producer in the fold: The Haxan Cloak, the British sorcerer who specializes in heavy, atmospheric horror-music soundscapes. If you’re trying to conjure clouds of dread, Arca and the Haxan Cloak are two very good people to call, and goddam, this new Björk album is going to be dark. As Pitchfork points out, the Haxan Cloak made the announcement on Twitter late last night. Here’s what he writes:

We don’t know anything about this forthcoming Björk album yet, but it’s time to start getting excited.

[Photo by Ari Magg & Iceland Airwaves 2011]