The Soft Moon – “Far” Video

The Soft Moon have shared a video for “Far,” the second single off their forthcoming new album, Deeper. The video was directed by duo Y2K (Jason Lester and Severiano Martinez) — who also did that awesome EMA vid for “3Jane” last year — and they explore the same kind of warped, futuristic reality that’s also steeped in nostalgia. Featuring disfigured men, dark alleyways, and an overwhelming sense of anxiety and foreboding, It’s an unsettling ride through an unfamiliar world. “‘Far’ is the realm where unconscious desires reign, and the darkest tendencies take root and flourish. There, the ‘hIDeous’ clone assaults the ego, the shadow self stalks the night, and a third Shroud embodies the two hemispheres locked in perpetual battle,” the director explains. “The mirror cannot bear thestrain of these fractured identities, and violence ricochets in all directions. It bends and warps, but never breaks. Like us, it holds an erratic balance together, even as voltaic forces rumble under the surface.” Watch below.

Deeper is out 3/31 via Captured Tracks.